Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

(3 days; Lunch on your own)

Beautiful Bend, Oregon

energy medicine, energy healing

October 15 -17, 2017 Olympia, Washington

(early bird rate through September 20th)

Prerequisite: ​​

EFT Foundation Class

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which can be understood, and knowledge of that data allows us to understand the links between cause and effect.  

This course is great for those who are wanting to use EFT in their counseling, coaching, and healing practices, those who want to know how to go about helping their loved ones, and individuals who simply want to know more about how to use EFT effectively. Those who successfully complete the course will be certified through The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies / The Guild of Energists.

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April 29 - May 1, 2017 • Eugene, Oregon

(early bird rate through March 31st)

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​​​“The class was informative and well organized. Karen has a true gift for teaching and her EFT skills are incredible. This was probably the most transformative weekend of my life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I have been deeply empowered by this experience!” J.S., Dallas, OR

​“I highly recommend participation in Karen’s EFT certification courses. She has a wonderful talent for imparting the information in concise and coherent form and never fails to “help, urge, & nudge” in the right direction as you learn and then practice the techniques. I am so delighted that I was able to study under her expert guidance. Thanks, Karen. You Rock!!!”  D.G., McMinnville, Oregon

"Karen brings you through the EFT master practitioner class in a way that is supportive and

knowledgeable, all the while with laughter and understanding. Her real world knowledge and

experience is invaluable in becoming an EFT master practitioner."  J.M. Bend, Oregon

“As usual Karen’s class was fantastic! I appreciate her organization of the material and how easily it flowed. Her mastery of EFT and education both shone through. All of the time that we had to practice really made me feel comfortable with the techniques and I worked through many of my own issues. Thank you!”  J.B., Salem, Oregon

"It was a pleasure to participate in Karen's EFT Master Practitioner Training! Even though I had previously completed the EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning, I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in a live training. Karen is an excellent teacher. She is dedicated to covering the course material, knowledgeable, provides ample opportunity for experiential learning and offers valuable feedback in response to student questions. I enjoyed Karen's willingness to share her personal experience with these techniques and found her examples illuminating and helpful. It is apparent that Karen genuinely cares that her students understand the material and it's application. It was a delight to meet Karen in person and a real treat to take her training. In addition to this experience enhancing the quality of the work I do in my private coaching practice, I experienced some breakthroughs in my own energy body! Thank you, Karen!"  Much love, Maria LiPuma, Ashland, Oregon

“Karen provides a fully developed class with genuine care about each student’s success.  

In addition, she has a depth of experience that brings life to each unit. It was a privilege to

be trained by Karen.” D.S. , Sherwood, Oregon

"Karen is an excellent instructor. She made the class fun along with teaching skills and providing the science behind the knowledge of EFT. The class is very “hands on” with plenty of opportunities to practice the skills." D.B.F.  McMinnville, Oregon

"What a wonderful experience this course was. It combined learning specific techniques – and there are many – with personal work that demonstrated the depth of healing that results from this work of finding energy blockages and healing them, allowing the energy to flow freely. So many new perspectives, new tools, new understandings – from negative to positive and beyond!" S.B.   Hillsboro, Oregon

“Karen was intuitive and fun. She made the class a safe environment for learning and sharing. The class has given me the confidence to pursue energy work. I look forward to using the tools that I learned to impact my life and others”  D.G., Edina, Minnesota

"It was pleasure working with Karen. Experiencing EFT is powerful on its own, but it is so much more powerful in a group setting.  I feel empowered and excited having been through the Master Practitioner course. I look forward to sharing EFT with clients. I also look forward to using it more in my own growth process, and will likely stay connected with Karen for future classes." H.B., Pacific City, Oregon

"Great class! Thoroughly enjoyed the pace and the information. I’m looking forward to using this powerful tool with myself and my clients. I appreciate the safe and fun learning environment that Karen created for us." S.R.  Salem, Oregon

"It was a great experience learning a new 
modalilty to add to my practice. I was able to see through group practice the power that EFT can have on moving energy and clearing

blocked emotions. I can’t wait to add it in to my clinical skills. Loved all the practice and

getting to see firsthand how EFT can change lives."  K.S.  Tillamook, Oregon

“Fascinating, enriching, a wonderful way to solve problems and help others. It’s worth every penny and time spent.  What an eye opener!"  C.L., McMinnville, Oregon

“Real tools that will help me help myself better and connect with the me that can shine vs.

the me that must stay small. These classes are worth every penny. Great value to bring

value back to my life & those around me; PLUS, I get to share it.  WOW!” R.S., St. Louis, Missouri

“Very warm and honest with her teaching style. It was a very safe and positive experience.

Lots of practice time which was very helpful.” R.S., Portland, Oregon

“If you have a passion to help others this class is amazing and will change your life. I am honored and truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Karen.”  T.P., McMinnville, Oregon 

Energy Psychology

Majestic Mt. Rainier

Cost: $675 (early bird rate $497)

(Includes: training • manual • one year membership with The GoE •  monthly group coaching support calls) 

Day 1: Discovering EFT · Reversing Energy Body Stress  · The EFT Story  · The Professional EFT                  Practitioner

Day 2:  Extremely Focused Treatments ·  Working With Aspects · Emotions & Energy · Events

Day 3:  Mind Changes · Energetic Relationships · Autogenic Reality · The EFT Master Practitioner

Participants learn energy awareness; that emotions are a result of an event in the energy system; that there is a world of energy data 

Award-winning Downtown McMinnville

24.5 Continuing Education Units only $25! ­~ Oregon NASW

EFT, Anxiety, PTSD, STress Relief, Success Coaching, life coaching, EFT Training, Reiki, Karen Jowders

Karen Aquinas, M.Ed. is a McMinnville based Energist.  

She is an internationally certified EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, regularly working with clients in the areas of stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, confidence, and anxiety.  Karen provides classes and certification trainings in Energy EFT, EFT Foundation Energy in Motion, Modern Stress Management and Usui Reiki.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certification Course

Read: Energy EFTby Silvia Hartmann

Biofield Health Services, Karen Aquinas, EFT Tapping

May 14-16, 2017 • Bend, Oregon
(early bird rate through April 26th)

​​​This AMT/ GoE EFT Certification Training Course offers the most up to date and comprehensive methods, techniques and structures 

for mastery in EFT. ​​​ Taking developments from the last fifteen years of EFT worldwide and bringing them together, students can experience  a clear, logical, direct and powerful way to resolve problems with EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques

Oregon's Emerald City

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This course  taught in McMinnville, Oregon upon request.