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Energy EFT Foundation Class

"Total fun! Everybody needs to attend this Happy Class!  Love it!"

Cost: $197  

Energy Psychology
energy medicine, energy healing

Energy EFT Foundation, created by Silvia Hartmann of The AMT/ GoE, is an excellent introduction to EFT and the perfect course if you would like to learn Energy EFT tapping for self-improvement and/or helping others.

By creating energy awareness and learning how to improve energy flow,
you'll discover how to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications. Energy EFT, like its predecessor Classic EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states; this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

Karen Aquinas, M.Ed. is a McMinnville based Energist.  

She is an internationally certified EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, regularly working with clients in the areas of stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, confidence, and anxiety.  Karen provides classes and certification trainings in Energy EFT, Energy in Motion, EFT Foundation, Modern Stress Management and Usui Reiki.

Time: 5 hours

With Energy EFT Foundation, Hartmann has created a highly comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical course, which is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques; you'll have plenty of opportunity putting Energy EFT to work on improving all aspects of your life.

This introductory class is also a pre-requisie class for the EFT Master Practitioner Certification Course.

Karen Aquinas, Karen Jowders

When: This class is taught by request at requested locations.

“I walked in with an interest, but very little knowledge or experience with energy work. Karen has such amazing energy, and such skill at teaching - that I am walking out of this course with confidence that I am able to use EFT to make a difference in my life, and in the lives of those around me. Thank you for an extraordinary 6 hours!”  A.M. Vancouver, WA

"Total fun! Everybody needs to attend this Happy Class! We learn how to tap in feeling happy! It's an awesome tool that adds new depth to all I've already learned about EFT. Love it!" Glenda, Author, EFT Practitioner, Lafayette, OR

“The EFT technique and Karen's approach to it is very empowering, and the results of using it are comforting and immediate.  There is definitely new promise for the old emotional pain and finally a way to make peace with the past and with myself, and gives me great hope for the future. Thank you so much!”  B.G. McMinnville, OR

“Karen's insight and experience bring EFT to anyone willing to be open to it. The quickness and effectiveness of tapping is really amazing!”  T.B. Vancouver, WA

"I just completed Karen's energy EFT Foundation Class and feel wonderful! She is highly focused at providing each person personal understanding on how EFT can be best used in his or her life. I highly recommend participating. She knows what it's all about." Sue Scully, Salem, Or

“Karen’s presentations are fun, informative and effective.  She involves everyone in practicing and trying procedures. She is able to make everyone feel comfortable, confident and positive. 
I highly recommend Karen’s courses to anyone interested in learning more about EFT and the ways it can improve your life.”   
J.R. Battleground, WA

“Excellent class! Karen knows her stuff and knows how to teach. Class moved quickly. Helpful, easy to incorporate info.  Thanks!” 
Sharon Salem, OR 

“Extremely informative · Love your energy · Will use material immediately · Come back!”
K.B. Salem, OR

“Karen is Amazing! She has taught and teaches a new approach to life. Tools to use on my life journey full of love and Gratitude!” 
Traci P. McMinnville, OR

“Another great class! Always so fun and tons of useful information to use right away.”
J.B. Salem, OR

“What a wonderful class on EFT.  Karen is a great presenter. Energetic speaker and easy to listen to. I enjoyed the hands on practice and exercises.” 
K.M. Salem, OR

“This class was a great experience and the tools I learned will be very helpful in my career!” 
S.S. Salem, OR

“EFT is a valuable tool for changing your frame of mind and personal energy level, improving how you relate to others.” 
M.B. Salem, OR

“Very informative class, especially around visualizing how I can help myself with stress that can take over my life if I let it.” 
I.S. Salem, OR

“I so enjoyed the class – it brought new dimension of how useful EFT can be utilized. The class was very positive, helpful and I plan to put some of the new techniques to use right away. Can’t wait to see the results!” 
C.F. Salem, OR

“EFT is a simple tool that can make profound changes for a better quality of life on any level. Karen makes the class fun as well as educational.”  D.B.J. McMinnville, Oregon

“This was a lovely course ~ lots of positive energy flowing! Karen is a knowledgeable and fun trainer. I really enjoyed the flow of information and the activities that were presented.” 
M.L. , Ashland, Oregon

“This class has taken me beyond what I knew about feeling good. Karen has shown me that there are more and more pathways to getting to where I want to be emotionally, and with greater ease. Her class, as well as being informative, is also fun. She has a way about her that helps and encourages us to GET IT.”
S.R.N. McMinnville, Oregon

“Learning more about the EFT technique helped me feel more confident, inspired and creative. I left class feeling very positive and empowered. Thank you Karen!”
L.B.W. , McMinnville, Oregon

 “What a great experience! Karen is fantastic with her great energy! I will come back and recommend to my friends. Fun and refreshing class.”
Sonia Prieto, Keizer, Oregon

"I really appreciate this workshop because I have done ample tapping on ridding the negative so, now is the time to create the positive." Michael Payne, Creator, Lafayette, OR

“It was wonderful to learn more about the specific points and learn how to tap through issues. Karen does a great job at incorporating group activities and familiarizing one with different ways to draw in energies. I’m leaving today feeling light, vibrant, empowered, and grateful. Thank you Karen!” 
L.Y. Lake Oswego, Oregon

“Insightful and motivating! Amazing how you can move your energy and feel great in a matter of minutes!”
K.W. McMinnville, Oregon

“Karen’s classes are inspiring. She creates a fun and safe environment to learn techniques and tools to improve your life. It has been empowering! Thank you Karen!”
D.S. Coos Bay, Oregon

“I came into class having lower back pain and after tapping through the class on things completely unrelated to my back, the pain shifted and was not present at the end of class! Karen is great; very articulate and intuitive. I am very happy I FINALLY made it to one of her classes. Leaving with a much more positive outlook on life!”  
H.B. Pacific City, Oregon

 “I knew the basics of EFT before coming to the class, but this was my first real introduction to tapping. I gained a really full understanding of what it’s all about and the purpose. Tapping through the different spots, I felt instantly balanced and awake. It really got me to reflect on some deeper issues that are coming up for me from my past as well. I’m excited and feel inspired to heal those wounds of the past and claim back my energy. Thank you for a beautiful and healing class!!”  
S.U., Salem, Oregon

 “Awesome! I came away from this class with a dozen practical techniques that I can use now! It is so cool to come into a class – humid and tired, and leave transformed; joyous and hopeful ♥”  
E.S. Sherwood, Oregon

“After reading the literature, I began to take control of thoughts and feelings. The class has opened a new door and as I write this I feel a sense of being grounded.”
M.O.M. McMinnville, Oregon

 “I had seen Karen privately several times for anxiety and was invited to this class. It was very relaxed and inviting. Learned in more detail the way energy is such a powerful force in my life and the importance of keeping the flow of energy clear. It was taught in a way that made it easy to understand. Great class!” B.M. McMinnville, Oregon

“Great class that helps increase awareness of how our energy affects our daily life.” K.S. Tillamook,


“I really enjoyed the class. I’ve been tapping for four years now, but I’d only learned through my husband. It was refreshing to get new information and to be around other like-minded people. It made me feel more comfortable with it and to talk to others about it. Life changing for sure. ♥ ♥ ♥” C.J. Salem, Oregon