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"Tapping has changed the dynamics of my classroom, it's changed me and helped me become a better teacher. I'm getting so much more done because the kids are more focused, and I now feel a connection to my students that I hadn't felt before." - Moira Maher (6th grade teacher at Pacific Grove Middle School, CA)

"There's a noticeable difference in the room after the kids have Tapped and then engage in an assignment. The level of engagement goes through the roof because the kids are functioning as one, as a class, and there's a buy in that doesn't exist in other classes where the Tapping isn't going on." -Buck Roggerman (Principal at Pacific Grove Middle School, CA)

        Karen's related experiences are mere brief instances of using tapping in classrooms, nothing formal at all.  Imagine how many students we could help if we officially brought EFT Tapping into our schools.

Tapping can make a huge difference for ALL students.

Contact Karen or click here to schedule at time to talk with Karen.  We'll design a program to meet the needs of your staff and students specifically.  

        A middle school special education class faces mandatory year-end testing.  The material is far above their ability level - some students have convinced themselves they have failed before they've even begun.  Those who refuse to even try end up restless and fidgeting and disturb those around them.  Karen offers EFT Tapping for one. With nothing to lose, Tony* gives it a try.  He then picks up his pencil and makes his best effort on the test for the remainder of the period.  Another student, having observed this calls Karen over and asks, "Will you do that magic thing you did with Tony* so I can take my test too?"  

     *Names changed for confidentiality. 

Here are more reasons...

        Scott*, a high school calculus student, insists he never does his work in class. (He ends up keeping classmates off task as a result.) Karen taps one round of EFT with him and he works productively for the next twenty minutes.  His classmates are better able to focus on their work and Scott is pleasantly surprised not to have as much homework. 

        Jordan*, a middle school student, sits next to Karen at a table and immediately states, "This is one of my bad days - I'm not going to be able to do anything."  Karen offers EFT Tapping.  In less than two minutes Jordan's entire disposition and posture changes.  He is delighted to be able to assist a classmate with a team project.

        Sara*, a 5th grade school student, enters the classroom for reading group.  She disrupts the entire class by announcing, "I'm so angry!"  Sara's actions are volatile and the other students in her group are looking at Karen for direction.  Karen begins instruction only to be interrupted by Sara shouting, "But I'm angry!  Don't you care?! Listen to me!"  
Karen explains she'll listen as long as Sara "does this" [taps on finger points] while she talks.  In less than three minutes, Sara is not only reading with the group, but she is helping others when they need help.  [It's interesting to note the others in the group tapped along voluntarily with Sara.]

Students coming to school angry, depressed, and unmotivated see the school counselor.  It doesn't seem like something as simple as tapping could make a difference, but Karen Aquinas, certified EFT master practitioner and trainer, has witnessed positive change for students time and again.

Biofield Health Services would love to see all school counselors trained as EFT practitioners.