45 minutes; varied times and days of the week to accommodate everyone

November 15 • 3:00 pm

December 16 • 11:30 am

January 19 • 11:00 am

February 17 • 11:45 am

Upstairs at Inner Oasis

448 NE 3rd Street

McMinnville, OR 97128

$10 suggested donation

​No registration required.

Group EFT Tapping / Energy Wellness Sessions

Join Karen and other community members for a group tapping session in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  The benefits of group tapping can be profound, even if the issue being addressed doesn't seem to relate to you. We often delve into several introductory energy wellness basics you can take home and use right away. 

Group sessions are a great way to find out what EFT tapping is and how energy work can immediately improve the way you feel.   

Lower your Stress Hormones • Reduce your Pain • Eliminate Obstacles​​

Bring a friend!

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EFT Tapping, anxiety, stress relief, PTSD, EFT Training

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Increase your Confidence  •  Renew your Vitality  •  Multiply your Joy

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