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"...a safe environment for learning and sharing."

"...move past emotional and relationship issues." 

"I have worked with Karen for several years. I sought her guidance for EFT tapping, but she has helped me in so many other ways to move past emotional and relationship issues. She is a wise, compassionate and supportive guide who has given me the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to transform my life.

Before working with Karen I felt blocked, stuck and unable to move forward. During our work together she gave me tools I needed to move forward to a better life. Now I can utilize those tools to better implement the results I am seeking."

Elizabeth R. • Business Owner 

McMinnville, Oregon

"Before I began working with Karen I could tell that I had some blocks, but didn't quite know how to access them and clear them. During our work together, she helped me get to the root issues. Karen has a way of knowing the right questions to ask and the right right techniques to get issues cleared. She does this in a very kind, supportive, safe and light-hearted way. Now I can use the tools she's shown me to help alleviate anxiety, clear issues, be more decisive about what I want to do in my life and to be more aware of what I'm thinking and feeling. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with PTSD, health issues, anxiety, you name it. This is Karen's true calling. She invests herself in her clients and you feel that when you work with her."

T.K. • Oregon

"It seemed like nothing we did helped our daughter [16 years old], and we tried everything. We saw therapists (many), psychiatrists, hospitalizations, medications … As we worked with Karen, and she helped us navigate our way through our daughter’s needs, we found our child again. Through tapping, the layers of pain and trauma and fear and sadness were  peeled away and what was revealed was a balanced, joyful child that was excited about life. …We will be forever grateful for Karen and this miracle of tapping for giving us our lives back."

 R. B. • Vancouver, Washington

"What a wonderful experience..."

"I have had a lot of therapy with very good therapists. Working with Karen along with my regular therapy has made a huge difference. Issues that stuck with me even though I understood them have been released! My personal growth has been accelerated! I really enjoy working with Karen and she brings lots of tools to help me. Thanks Karen!"

Susan Y.


"...ample opportunity for experiential learning..."

​“I highly recommend participation in Karen’s EFT certification courses. She has a wonderful talent for imparting the information in concise and coherent form and never fails to “help, urge, & nudge” in the right direction as you learn and then practice the techniques. I am so delighted that I was able to study under her expert guidance. Thanks, Karen. You Rock!!!”


D.G. • McMinnville, Oregon​

"I highly recommend participation..."

"...helps me to create positive energy in my body and my life."

"...this class is amazing..."

"EFT with Karen helps me to create positive energy in my body and my life. I am awakened to the possibility that I can live life from a more authentic, joyful and productive place."

Michelle Peterson • Portland, Oregon

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"...experience is invaluable..."

“If you have a passion to help others this class is amazing and will change your life. I am honored and truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Karen.”

T. P. • McMinnville, Oregon

​​​​“The class was informative and well organized. Karen has a true gift for teaching and her EFT skills are incredible. This was probably the most transformative weekend of my life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I have been deeply empowered by this experience!”  

                                                                             J.S. • Dallas, Oregon​

"...the layers of pain and trauma, fear and sadness were peeled away..."

“Karen was intuitive and fun. She made the class a safe environment for learning and sharing. The class has given me the confidence to pursue energy work. I look forward to using the tools that I learned to impact my life and others.”                                                              

D. G.  • Edina, Minnesota

"...kind, supportive, safe, and light-hearted way." 

"I am now able to go through life with confidence, focus and little to no anxiety." 

"Karen brings you through the EFT master practitioner class in a way that is supportive and knowledgeable, all the while with laughter and understanding. Her real world knowledge and
experience is invaluable in becoming an EFT master practitioner."    

            J.M. • Bend, Oregon

​​“Karen provides a fully developed class with genuine care about each student’s success. In addition, she has a depth of experience that brings life to each unit. It was a privilege to be trained by Karen.”

D.S. • Sherwood, Oregon

"...genuine care about each student's success."

​​"What a wonderful experience this course was. It combined learning specific techniques – and there are many – with personal work that demonstrated the depth of healing that results from this work of finding energy blockages and healing them, allowing the energy to flow freely. So many new perspectives, new tools, new understandings – from negative to positive and beyond!"    

                                                   S.B.  • Hillsboro, Oregon

"...the most transformative weekend of my life."

  What people are saying about classes...

​"It was a pleasure to participate in Karen's EFT Master Practitioner Training! Even though I had previously completed the EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning, I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in a live training. Karen is an excellent teacher. She is dedicated to covering the course material, knowledgeable, provides ample opportunity for experiential learning and offers valuable feedback in response to student questions. I enjoyed Karen's willingness to share her personal experience with these techniques and found her examples illuminating and helpful. It is apparent that Karen genuinely cares that her students understand the material and it's application. It was a delight to meet Karen in person and a real treat to take her training. In addition to this experience enhancing the quality of the work I do in my private coaching practice, I experienced some breakthroughs in my own energy body! Thank you, Karen!"                                  

                                                                                                                    Maria LiPuma • Ashland, Oregon

"My personal growth has been accelerated!" 

"I highly recommend working with Karen. In one session, Karen helped remove a long standing energetic block and open my life to new possibilities. I had such a profound experience in one session that I could not imagine the need for a second session; I was wrong. The second session was as powerful as the first. By removing the energetic blockages that had permeated my life since childhood, I am now more clear, focused and able to move forward with confidence.

Before working with Karen, I had a great deal of anxiety, depression and low confidence. I had been able to hide my issues for years which became a physical barrier to a happy life. I am now able to go through life with confidence, focus and little to no anxiety. Better yet, with the tools that Karen showed me, I can work on my own energy  clearing any time I feel the need."

 B. Anderson • Newberg, OR

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"...extremely gifted at what she does."

​​"I had lost sight of who I was and didn't like who I saw staring back at me in the mirror. Not one bit.  I have been given tools on how to let go of all of the things that had happened to me in my life that had caused me to shut myself down and close myself off from my family and friends. It feels amazing to have a whole new outlook on my life.  Karen has been an integral part of my journey.  She is genuine and supportive.  She is caring and thoughtful.  She is extremely gifted at what she does.  It's amazing to see her in her element. 

Because of Karen I am now the person I always wanted to be, living the life I always knew I could.

Thank you Karen!"

S.B.  • McMinnville, Oregon

"...positive, friendly, and truly caring."

​​"Karen has an excellent perception of people and is tactful and competent.  She is positive, friendly, and truly caring."

L.F. • Toamasina, Madagascar

"...weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

​​"The tapping session Karen did with me was so professional and worked miracles.  I was amazingly and non-characteristically calm for my conference workshop.  I feel like  a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I don't love public speaking but I feel I can now do it without feeling tormented."

P.M. • Burns, Oregon

​​​​​"I began having personal sessions with Karen to deal with the residual post-traumatic stress from a rape and sexual abuse that caused me to have nightmares.  The personal tapping sessions have helped me to heal the trauma and to sleep the most peaceful sleep I have had in years."

B.C. • McMinnville ,Oregon

"For the first time in 35 years, I'm happy."

"I'm happy.  For the first time in 35 years, I'm happy.  My mom even noticed over the phone."

S.B. • McMinnville, Oregon

" ... the most peaceful sleep I have had in years."